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Why Isn't Our Maple Syrup Certified Organic?

      There isn't much difference between certified organic and non-organic maple syrup, both syrups are held to the same highest of quality standards. The difference lies in the legal certification of the producer. Organic labeling simply means you're respecting these guidelines.
      Our syrup comes from maples in the natural forests surrounding our farm in Springfield Vermont. We respect our forests and don't use any chemicals or pesticides of any kind and will be tapping our trees for decades to come. All of our sap is stored in clean and sanitary stainless steel tanks. We also use organic sunflower oil as a defoamer which is respectable under the guidelines of organic certification.

      The added inspection and record keeping is really what makes the difference between organic and non-organic certified pure maple syrup. Non-organic producers don't want to pay more fees and spend extra time on record keeping. None of these guidelines actually relate to the sap or syrup itself, but rather what happens before and after production. Just because it is organic doesn't mean it is high quality or taste any different.

.. so why isn't our maple syrup certified organic?

So we can continue to have a high quality product at a great value!